Umbrella and Excess Liability

Buying insurance coverage beyond what commercial general liability, auto liability and employers liability programs generally afford is a regular occurrence. Today, most businesses recognize the need to purchase commercial umbrella excess insurance policies to protect the assets of the organization. With the rising costs of lawsuits and judgments, business owners realize that they must secure coverage that can protect them when a loss exceeds the basic liability coverage limits.

At XS Brokers, we have the experience to help you craft increased limit solutions for your clients. We can tailor coverage to go over your basic casualty programs and expand it to include coverage over multiple underlying policies. We have in-house quoting authorities with markets that afford us the ability to deliver quotes in real time. Our partnership with our carriers allows us to build towers of limits and create specialized programs for the toughest exposures.

If you are looking for a solution talk to XS Brokers. We can do it.